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Entotem Ltd is a high technology company founded in 2013 by four music-loving entrepreneurs with a vision to design and develop a multimedia home entertainment system, which integrates both high resolution audio amplification and high definition video. The company's vision was a system that combines the ability to convert, play and record analogue (vinyl) music with a high resolution audio, video and internet streaming service supported by an innovative Android operating system.

Home Entertainment For All

The four entrepreneurs, plus other shareholders have invested heavily into developing Plato, which is a high specification home entertainment system which will revolutionise the streaming and enjoyment of music, television, video and DVD.

The new system connects to existing HiFi equipment such as a vinyl record, cassette and CD players as well as DVD, Blu-ray and video players and television sets. Plato automatically records from legacy analogue devices and then replays at the highest quality - enabling record, CD, video and DVD collections to be stored in one place.

"It is designed as a media management system - complementing the equipment that is already in the home and particularly enables people with a record collection to enjoy their music more flexibly at a high resolution which is far superior quality to the alternatives currently available.

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Hear what others had to say about Plato

Hifi Pig Review – October 2015

Hifi Pig Review – October 2015

'Philosophically Speaking'

The Entotem Plato is an all in one audio video player that will rip and tag not only your CDs but also your vinyl collection. Ian Ringstead takes a listen.

'The system connects to your existing HIFI units such as your turntable, cassette deck (and CD player, as well as DVD, Bluray player, VCR and TV sets.'

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Plato | Redefining Your Music Experience

HiFi Choice Review – July 2015


Is Plato the game changer Entotem claims? Perhaps that's a claim too far in an audio world increasingly populated with one-box solutions, but for the time being its nicely executed ability to incorporate legacy analogue kit gives it a competitive edge.

Others will no doubt follow its lead, but they'll need to be on their game to match Plato'sfusion of functionality, flexibility and superb sound quality at the price.

'A landmark product.'

The full HiFi Choice review can be read here

Plato | Redefining Your Music Experience

Audio Magazine Germany – August 2015

Put a record on, lower the stylus, press Record and just busy yourself with some other things for the next 30 minutes. Digitising your vinyl collection can be so easy – provided you make a Plato music server your own.

The British newcomer offers an extremely attractive service for vinyl lovers: via its MM and MC capable phono stage it integrates a turntable as a signal source, converts the incoming analogue signals into digital bytes directly into its main memory at the touch of a button, and then also takes care of the usually very tedious editing and tagging of the recorded tracks.

By means of a proprietary sample recognition (for which the patent procedure is still pending) Plato knows exactly which LP is playing, the name of the current track, when it begins and ends and how the respective album cover looks.

The full Audio Magazine Germany review can be read here

Plato | Redefining Your Music Experience

HIFI World – October 2015


This could well be something of a landmark product in terms of flexibility and the combination of digital technology with legacy analogue capability. Add in an intuitive interface and the promise of regular software updates and Plato could just be one of the most exciting products of the year.

The full HIFI World review can be read here

"I've listened to some amazing albums, recorded in many formats over the years but I have to say, when I witnessed one being recorded directly from vinyl, on-the-fly, into 24bit 192kHz Hi Res digital audio tracks, using the supremely cool looking Plato system, it produced what I would call 'the sound of the studio'. The subtleties of dynamic range, brightness and power captured in those original recordings were very much in evidence during playback. So much quality and data can be lost using standard compression methods but the guys at Entotem have come up with something really special here with Plato. I'm a huge fan!"

— John Parr (Parr Media)

John Parr is an English musician, writer and producer, who had two number one hits, best known for his 1985 US number one hit single 'St. Elmo's Fire' and in 1984 for his US number one hit single 'Naughty Naughty'. John has sold 10 million albums worldwide, and has written and performed 12 Hollywood movie themes, including some of Disney's most successful films; 3 Men & A Baby, Near Dark, and Schwarzenegger's The Running Man. He was nominated for a Grammy award for St Elmo's Fire in 1985. John ( ) also owns the world class studio facility

The Entotem Team

A British based start-up with over 200 combined years of Technology, Software, Business, Production, Sales and Marketing expertise across a broad range of business sectors with a head office in the heart of Derby and R&D facilities situated in the countryside of Newbury, Berkshire.

Below are some of the key members of the Entotem team, please either click on their images or name to see more information about them.

Martin Boddy

Managing Director

Bryan Ross

Production Manager

Andy Hughes

Marketing Manager

Ian Grostate

Commercial Director

Pete Eason

Customer Experience Manager

Dave Belcher

Development Director

Alastair Bryers

Software Director

Andy Maxim

Principle Software Engineer

Andrew Randall

Technical Director

Alan Jeffery

Mechanical Design Manager


This section is for all important data policies, guides and technical information. Downloads are in PDF format.

Quick Start Guide

Quick start instructions for setting up and using Plato out of the box. When unfolded, this guide opens out as a double sided A2 sized poster

'How To' Guide

The Plato 'How To Guide', contains detailed information and annotated screen shots covering most of the basic functions of your Plato unit.

Complete Guide

Download the Plato 'Complete Guide', this document focuses more specifically on all of the technical/functional components of the Plato system.

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